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  A World of Slavery • A prison designed with no way out • Ucadia and the Rule of Law Read More  

  Birth (Settlement) Certificates  
  Origin of Settlement (Birth) Certificates • Birth Certificates and proof one is born on the land • Read More  

  Indulgences and Negotiable Instruments  
  The mythology and misinformation of indulgences • The concept of Penance and Punishment• The Catholic Doctrine acknowledging the existence of the Treasury of One True Heaven• Indulgences as the "credit" event against sin (debt) • Indulgences today • Read More  

  The origin, use and significance of Seals  
  The symbols of power of the "satanic" New World Order • Fact (1) The War in Heaven is over • Fact (2) All symbols of Power are now part of one United Heaven • Fact (3) Consumption • The use of blood as a seal • The end of the use of blood as a seal on Day of Divine Illumination • Read More  

  Power of Attorney and Consent  
  The ghost of Cestui Que Vie and non-consent • The five headed monster of control • Pronuntio Restitutum • Plausible deniability • Read More  

  Notaries and Notarial Process  
  War and peace •The ecclesiastical officer • The registrar of the Community and Public Record • Read More  

  Origin and significance of Color  
  Significance of color to pre-Bronze age cultures• Color and the Ancient Egyptians • Color and its symbolism in Mithraic belief and the Bible• Color and its symbolism to the Roman Cult and the private bar guilds • Read More  

  Ucadia Trusts explained  
  What is a Trust? • Who/what is a Trustee? • What types of Trusts are there? What is a Divine Trust? • What is a True Trust? • Read More  

  Obtaining and understanding your Trust Numbers  
  How do I obtain my Trust Trust Number? • What is the number of my Divine Trust? • What is the number for my Insurance Bond? • Read More  

  Preparing and using Trust Identification  
  Trustee Identification Card • Live Borne Record • Read More  

  Deed of Trust for Superior Trusts  
  Deed of Trust • Trust Number for Location Trust • Read More  

  Trust Registration  
  Trust Number is a Registration Number of Great Register • Registration through Post/Documents • Registration through Courts • Registration with IMF/IRS • Read More  

  Trust Registration with IRS/IMF  
  Registration with IMF/IRS • Read More  

  Trust Accounts  
  Bank accounts and Trusts • Special Deposit Accounts • Documents you need to set up a Trust Account • Read More  


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