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  Culpability and restoring the law •Succeeding at court ? • Read More  

  Court History  
  Hellenic (Greek) Empire • Roman Empire • Frankish-Saxon Empire • Venetian/Genoese/Florentine Guilds • Read More  

  Private Bar Guild  
  Judges, Lawyers and members of the Bar are not bad people • Plausible deniability • The purpose and foundation of the Bar • Read More  

  Courtroom structure and function  
  UK > Crown Court • UK > Magistrates Court • US > County Court • Read More  

  Courtroom symbols  
  UK > Crown Court • UK > Magistrates Court • US > County Court • Read More  

  Officers of Law  
  Origin of the word Officer •Oath of Office•Obligations and Duty of Officers•All official positions in Roman Courts are Officers Read More  

  Origin of the word Judge • Authority of a Judge• Role of a Roman Court Judge • Read More  

  The origin of the Clerk • The roles and powers of the clerk of courts• Read More  

  The origin of the word Magistrate • The return of the title of Magistrate in Roman Law• Magistrates Court • Read More  

  The corruption of the role of Accusator • The strange and twisted role of the Prosecutor • Read More  

  The real meaning lf lawyer, attorney and barrister • Lawyer as Counsel • Attorney as Counsel • Barrister as Counsel • Read More  

  The real meaning of lawyer, attorney and barrister • The case for hiring and attorney, lawyer or barrister• The case for not hiring an attorney, lawyer or barrister • Read More  

  Police Officer  
  The origin of Police Officers • Read More  

  The origin of Sheriff • Read More  

  The origin of the word Executor • Types of executor roles• Read More  

  The origin of the word Agent • Agent, Agency and Contract Law• Read More  

  The Primary Law that Governs all Court Cases • The concept of Penance and Punishment• The Catholic Doctrine Acknowledging the existence of the Treasury of One True Heaven • Indulgences as the "credit" event against sin (debt) in the temporal world •Indulgences today • Implication of Indulgences and the Ecclesiastical Deeds • Read More  

  The origin of the word and concept of Hearing • Guardian Hearing • Read More  

  Origin of the word Trial • The right to a fair trial • Read More  

  Fairness of verdict • Read More  

  A Sentence is an Officer not an Order • What is happening at sentencing?• What does this mean in practice? • Read More  

  12 Key Presumptions  
  Public Record • PUblic Service• Presumption of Public Oath • Immunity• Summons• Custody • Court of Guardians • Court of Trustees• Gvernment acting in two roles as Executor and Beneficiary • Executor de son Tort • Incompetence • Guilt • Read More  

  Dress & Behaviour  
  Representing the law • Read More  

  Psych Evaluations  
  Ensure your objection is noted for appeal • The opportunity to ask the psychiatrist questions before you start • The first question - Domain competence • The second question - Mind competence • Read More  

  Respect & Honor  
  Origin of word Honor • The concept of dishonor• Read More  

  Origin of Oath • Valid Oath • necessity and oaths given "under duress" • Read More  

  The nature of consent • Read More  

  The sole reason for attendance • Theory Versus Reality of Case Law • Remedy and Case Law • Read More  

  Origin of word Jurisdiction • The common function of jurisdiction • Rights of jurisdiction • The Ecclesiastical and commercial importance of jurisdiction • Standard approach of th eprivate bar guild to jurisdiction • Read More  

  The "strawman" Roman Fiction ownership argument against admitting the name • Read More  

  Entering a Plea  
  Origin of word Plea •What is the most common understanding of plea?•Ucadian members do not plea •Plea presumes jurisdiction has been perfected • Read More  

  Origin of Demurrer • Types of Demurrer • Read More  

  Common law right of Objection • Objection to witness testimony and rules of evidence • Read More  

  The nature of necessity • Read More  

  Pro Se  
  Types of Pro Se • Principles of Pro Se • Read More  

  Origin of Guilt • The "Plea" of Private Bar Court • Read More  

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